Heritage Book Design

Heritage Book Design is dedicated to bringing your family story to life. Having 30 years’ experience in commercial photography and video production, I know how to tell your story in a visual way so that your words and memories are brought to life.


Each book I design includes historical photographs and illustrations to give social context and visually enhance your family’s unique story. And every book is customized with graphic elements relating to the story.

These samples are from recent projects that vary in size from 8.5" by 11" (standard book “portrait” format) to 11.5" by 10" (wide format). In most cases you will see a two-page spread (right and left pages). The covers are shown as a spread as well—front, spine, flaps, and back. Please take a look at some of the book pages and covers I have designed.






Heritage Book Design offers:

·         Custom covers and dust jackets

·         Simple to complex interior page layouts

·         Photo restoration

·         Historical context research

·         Custom family trees of any size

·         Scanning of images for inclusion in book

·         Photographic illustration to enhance book design

·         Project management services